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Signing up deadline: May, the 24th 2018

Dear athletes,

Each one of you must hold an Active individual e-card. The couple also has to be Active in the WDSF system. There are cases when athletes (individual or couples) hold Active e-cards at the time of registration, but Inactive in the day of the competition, thus creating problems.
I advise you to check the status validity of your e-card and to contact at once your National Administrator if any problems arise.
As Chairperson, I will not accept any participation by any athlete whose status is Inactive or Retired.

Virgil GRIGORE, Chairperson

National competition

Solo fete: 45 lei
Debutanți și precompetițional 90 lei
H, E, D Sections and Open Basic1: 100 lei/pair

International competition

DSE Children European Grand Prix Basic Juvenile 1+2 LA ,JUNIOR 1 ,JUNIOR 2: 30 euro/couple/day
W.D.S.F. International Open, W.D.S.F Open Youth, Rising Star: 35 euro /couple/day
* Youth and Rising Star sections are accepted in W.D.S.F. without any extra fees.

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National competition
International competition
National competition
International competition

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