Sponsors and Partners

Pullman hotel Bucharest
Radio Romania

Prizes for WDSF International Open (ST and LA):    First place - 1000 Euro
Second place - 700 Euro
Third place - 500 Euro

Star couples
Khrystyna Moshenska - Marius-Andrei Balan - Germany
Natalia Luchiv - Bogdan Boie - Moldova
Cristina Tatar - Paul Moldovan - Romania

Justyna Mozdzonek - Mateusz Brzozowski - Poland
Anastasia Glazunova - Alexey Glukhov - Russian Federation
Anna Barbacheva - Igor Kruglov - Russian Federation
Tasja Novoselov-Schulz - Anatoliy Novoselov - Germany

Welcome to the RomanianOpen!

Dance opens hearts and minds…
Dance is universal and its abstract language makes it comprehensible for everyone.
We would like to invite all dance enthusiasts and lovers to the two-day RomanianOpen in Bucharest.
Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to all competitors, spectators and supporters who travel from near and far destinations. Each of you helps us turn our competition into a spectacular success year after year. It is our honor to have you participate in the 2017 RomanianOpen.

And remember, the RomanianOpen is more than just a ballroom competition; it is an amazing performance of outstanding athletic and elegance.

Dancers, get ready to take the floor for the RomanianOpen!

Warm Regards,
Mihai & Elwira Petre